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Vеngеаncе is considеrеd а morаl obligation. Pеoplе аrе vаluеd in tеrms of thеir utility.

rn. Аt stаgе four, pеoplе wаnt to kееp sociеty functioning.

Howеvеr, а easily functioning sociеty is not nеcеssаrily а excellent onе. А totаlitаriаn sociеty may well bе wеll-orgаnizеd, but it is hаrdly thе morаl idеаl. Аt stаgе 5, pеoplе bеgin to аsk, “Whаt mаkеs for а superior sociеty?” Thеy bеgin to assume аbout sociеty in а vеry thеorеticаl wаy, stеpping bаck from thеir personal sociеty аnd considеring thе legal rights аnd vаluеs thаt а sociеty should to uphold.

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Thеy thеn еvаluаtе еxisting sociеtiеs in tеrms of thеsе prior considеrаtions. Thеy аrе sаid to tаkе а “prior-to-sociеty” pеrspеctivе. rnStаgе essays on all my sons arthur miller paper writer free essay on population change 5 subjеcts,- thеn, tаlk аbout “morаlity” аnd “rights” thаt tаkе somе precedence ovеr pаrticulаr lаws. Kohlbеrg insists, howеvеr, thаt wе do not judgе pеoplе to bе аt stаgе five mеrеly from thеir vеrbаl lаbеls.

Wе nееd to look аt thеir sociаl pеrspеctivе аnd modе of rеаsoning. Аt stаgе 4, too, subjеcts frеquеntly tаlk аbout thе “proper to lifе,” but for thеm this ideal is lеgitimizеd by thе аuthority of thеir sociаl or rеligious team (е. g. , by thе Biblе).

Prеsumаbly, if thеir team vаluеd propеrty ovеr lifе, thеy would too.

Аt stаgе 5, in contrаst, pеoplе аrе mаking morе of аn indеpеndеnt еffort to assume out whаt аny sociеty should to vаluе. Thеy oftеn rеаson, for еxаmplе, thаt propеrty hаs littlе mеаning with out lifе. rnIf Hеinz’s motivеs wеrе great, thе druggist’s wеrе bаd. Thе druggist, stаgе 3 subjеcts еmphаsizе, wаs “sеlfish,” “grееdy,” аnd “only intеrеstеd in himsеlf, not аnothеr lifе. ” Somеtimеs thе rеspondеnts bеcomе so аngry with thе druggist thаt thеy sаy thаt hе should to bе set in jаil.

А typicаl stаgе 3 rеsponsе is thаt of Don, аgе 13:rnThis younger mаn wеnt on to sаy thаt “from а morаl stаndpoint” Hеinz must sаvе thе lifе of еvеn а strаngеr, sincе to bе consistеnt, thе vаluе of а lifе mеаns аny lifе. Whеn аskеd if thе judgе should punish Hеinz, hе rеpliеd:rnBеcаusе stаgе four, subjеcts mаkе morаl dеcisions from thе pеrspеctivе of sociеty аs а wholе, thеy believe from а full-flеdgеd mеmbеr-of-sociеty pеrspеctivе. rnKohlbеrg’s thеory of morаl rеаsoning is а stаgе thеory. In othеr words, еvеryonе goеs by thе stаgеs sеquеntiаlly with out skipping аny stаgе. Howеvеr, movеmеnt through thеsе stаgеs аrе not nаturаl, thаt is pеoplе do not аutomаticаlly movе from onе stаgе to thе nеxt аs thеy mаturе.

In stаgе dеvеlopmеnt, movеmеnt is еffеctеd whеn cognitivе dissonаncе occurs . thаt is whеn а pеrson noticеs inаdеquаciеs in his or hеr prеsеnt wаy of coping with а givеn morаl dilеmmа. But аccording to stаgе thеory, pеoplе cаnnot undеrstаnd morаl rеаsoning morе thаn onе stаgе аhеаd of thеir possess.

For еxаmplе, а pеrson in Stаgе one cаn undеrstаnd Stаgе 2 rеаsoning but almost nothing bеyond thаt. Lеt us now tаkе аclosеr glimpse аt еаch stаgе of еаch of thе lеvеl of Kohlbеrg’s thеory of morаlity. rnJournalists need to don’t forget their position in nation-constructing and not just escalating readership by producing hoopla as these headlines task: “The entire world retains its breath for the shuttle landing…” or “SHUTTLE Destroyed! NASA IN Crisis! Conclusion OF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT…” bear testimony to how media can sensationalize any issue (cited by Hans L. D. G, 2005). Discovery was bound to get extra media coverage retaining in head the Columbia disaster in the past fifteen minutes. Media cannot use this as an chance to create a wrong photo to instigate and mislead the society.

A detrimental coverage arouses the community problem right away. As Hans commented media can spread the phony picture of reality more rapidly than the speed at which Discovery was traveling and this far too minutes before it landed!! Messages Conveyed:


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Just lately, a number of states have contemplated obtaining rid of point out money taxes due to the modern economic downturn in the late 2000’s. Now there are 9 states with no income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota and New Hampshire.

1 significant question that numerous have about no cash flow tax states is: how do these states get more than enough cash to operate their governments without the need of collecting an revenue tax? The response is diverse and a little baffling for every state. rnMany states look at the income that can be brought in with taxes and no matter whether every single tax is viable plenty of to support making use of it. Wyoming is a terrific example. With its population staying just more than half a million,rnrnSynopsis of the challenge Title: Benchmarking of non financial gains at Haier vis-a-vis other shopper tough organizations Introduction :- Purpose/objective of the venture: The function of the project is to do a benchmarking examine so as to compare and distinction non-financial benefits offered/delivered by Haier as in contrast to to that furnished by the market.

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Goal organizations will include things like:Whirlpool,Samsung,Videocon,LG,Sony,Godrej,Voltas,Onida. (The list is for illustrative reasons and might differ from the final list based on availability of information) Benchmarking is the course of action of measuring superiorpapers an organization’s inner procedures and then pinpointing,knowledge and adapting outstanding tactics from other corporations considered to be very best in class.

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Types of benchmarks: 1. criterion reference technique: basically defines the attributes of a fantastic exercise in a purposeful location. the benchmark consists of just the characteristics constituting excellent apply. quantitative benchmarks: inevitably distinguish the normative and competitive stages of accomplishment. These distinguish exactly where tactics are quantifiably different in other companies/industries.

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The variations will normally sign superior tactics High-quality of info:Each benchmark lists now offered facts sources. Non monetary rewards: They are the indirect compensation added benefits which are furnished to the personnel in lieu of their providers iprovided by them to the business.

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they are the gains that are not or simply cannot be measured right in terms of financial models. The goal of the project is to get an total picture of the compensatory benefits that the providers are furnishing to their personnel specially the non financial rewards , to know the gratification amounts of the staff members with them and also give some inputs or suggestions dependent on the collected info and survey. Co Profile: The Haier team was founded in 1984 in Qingdao in china . the group has emerged as a top multinational production a vast array of household appliances and customer electronics products and solutions with 15 industrial parks globally such as:United states of america ,Europe,Middle East Africa,South Asia,aside from its sturdy existence in china.

Haier is the world’s 4th largest whitegoods maker and 1 of China’s Best one hundred IT Firms. Haier has 240 subsidiary organizations and thirty style facilities,rnOur editors will help you resolve any blunders and get an A !rnWe will send an essay sample to you in two Hours. If you require enable more rapidly you can often use our tailor made crafting assistance. rnrnAll individuals about the entire world have been employing paint in their house but they have no notion that all this time they have been uncovered to poisonous substances that can be located in the paint.

Paint manufacturer have utilised significant metals substances in earning paint pigments which gives range of colour in paint. The paint pigments are produced by working with many various sorts of significant metals substances which are extremely concentrated even in a person fall of the paint. rnDon’t squander time! Our writers will build an unique “NIPPON and JOHTUN paint” essay for you whith a fifteen% discount.

rnFor example, yellow and pink paint pigments are commonly built of cadmium, Cd.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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But, it wasn’t so amazing right after all, considering that it did not last. From there on out, if a day isn’t going to fulfill or surpass their practical experience on the to start with day, properly then, they chalk it up to “no Chemistry. ” But, if the date performs out like that a person amazing date they had after, nicely then it has probable. When we find or restore the playful facet of resourceful producing, it turns into enjoyment all over again.

At the very same time, it is really significant to be aware that it is not all exciting. By staying existing to whichever appears following meditation, you deliver your thoughts very clear alerts that it can be open up to creativity in whatsoever Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) write my paper for cheap Home Organization sort it appears in your route. And you in no way know what might clearly show up!What It Indicates When A Female Claims That You Never Have ChemistryrnAfter a long time of educating, I have found out that accomplishment in any chemistry course has nothing at all to do with unique qualities, superior intelligence, or substantial SAT scores. Good results in chemistry is right associated to your attitude, your willingness to prepare and your persistence. Don’t consider it? You might be shocked if you were being to go back again and look at some of the matters you’ve got said.

Glance at some messages you’ve got sent, and then think about indicating the correct exact phrases in a face-to-encounter or a telephone discussion. Audio a very little rough? You should not really feel much too undesirable, it takes place to the very best of us, just try to continue to keep this in head the subsequent time you’re typing out an electronic mail or prompt message. So is a Creative Creating system the suitable just one for you? To start with of all you must know what you want to get out of this program. You will have to have specific objectives that you want to access by the end of the system and just after this is crystal clear in your minds you can then consider to uncover the proper study course for you. As extensive as she understands you will react strongly to her sarcasm, she will carry on to use it as a way to get your power and depth.

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If you dismiss her sarcasm (i. e. , “act as if” it won’t hassle you), then she will no longer get any form of “payoff” and will inevitably prevent stating these matters. There was another circumstance of a mechanical engineering scholar who slept with his textbook underneath his pillow, hoping the know-how would seep into his head. Celebrate. Great staff chemistry might not materialize correct absent. If you’ve just taken above a team or have experienced a whole lot of turnover on a crew, remarkable team chemistry may not even materialize in that initial season.

But if you hold at it, your staff will see that it is essential to you and will make initiatives at the tacky teamy stuff. If you do a great career of advertising staff chemistry, they are going to believe that that their achievements is reliant on their performing tough at excellent chemistry. Once it happens, rejoice it. and get gain of it! Fantastic staff chemistry is challenging gained, but effectively value it!So she ongoing to talk to my close friend Brian for rather a when. They were seemingly acquiring into a truly superior conversation.

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I am not an individual (nor do I at any time teach anybody) to wander more than and break into a dialogue like this. It is critical to fully grasp how Chemistry will work in get to stay clear of possible confusion. There is frequently an ebb and flow associated, and you won’t often really feel the identical chemistry at all situations. There are periods when you will almost sense like exploding with thoughts when you are with your mate.

At other times, however, it may well choose a miracle to give even a hint of a spark. You must fully grasp that the Chemistry will adjust just as the thoughts do. Toothpaste. That is the reaction I get from most writers when I talk to them about model. No 1 would like to assume of them selves as a tube of toothpaste.

But right before you reject this stage know that you will Criminology get writing prospects based mostly on your reputation or your manufacturer. Brand name can essentially acquire on a everyday living all its individual. That is why I inspire you to be good in the alternatives that establish it. My integrity is not negotiable: Along with freedom, my integrity is a person of the most significant factors in my lifetime. I have in no way cheated and lied my way via existence, and I do not enjoy to start off now! Foremost a superior everyday living when you’re on Earth is all about your conduct while you are below.

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In my circumstance, I normally require to edit it down to a shorter, punchier concept.

The plan is to get clarity, and to make your vision as very clear and explainable as possible. You want to be in a position to rapidly articulate it to your stakeholders, and have them be ready to keep in mind it. so very simple is fantastic. As you face the globe today – present enjoy to all. Do not issue yourself that others will not do it.

Do it your self. It have to commence with you! It is my hope that you shall do so.

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By carrying out so you shall experience individual empowerment in a way only you can recognize. You can make a variation. How To Produce A Higher education Admissions Essay For College Of North CarolinarnNo matter what you are endorsing writing posting material to bring persons to your internet site is most likely one particular of the smartest items that you can do. Do you want to know why I truly feel this strongly about it? The reason I feel strongly about this marketing process is 1st off it truly is absolutely free. Sound is 5. 1 Dolby Electronic, and whilst it would not give you an immersive presentation, dialogue and songs is very University of Amsterdam need help with paper Equine Science clear and serviceable. Dramaticswrite essay for money University of ChicagoFor a present like this, you will not need to have substantially greater. The thesis statement is the foundation of your essay. Produce a sentence that argues the level, discussion, and this is the crux of your buy essay.

This is the final sentence of his introduction and starting level for the rest of the composing. For case in point, if I say to my daughter “clear up your room be sure to” I get a completely different reaction than when I say “clear up your home NOW”, even if both phrases are spoken in the similar tone. When I use the term now I know that she will cleanse up the mess paper hep and that I have at minimum a probability that she will do an satisfactory task. Don’t Browse The Regulations.

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As quickly as I choose a tale out of its envelope I can tell if the writer has read The Guidelines or not. If the web pages are not numbered when I have claimed amount them if the tale title is not at the best of just about every web site when I have claimed do it that way if the textual content is not double spaced or the font dimension needs either a magnifying glass or has to be examine from the far facet of the space I know they haven’t read through The Rules. If you have had particular accomplishment producing in a certain matter distribute the joy about by composing about it in the discussion board. Use your awareness to help other writers. Share the guidelines you have realized about world-wide-web producing in the discussion board to aid out the new folks at Affiliated Articles.

The interesting matter about creating is that the discovering expertise never ever stops. There is a great deal all writers can master just about every working day.

No issue how lengthy you have been composing there are normally new uses of know-how and new creating tactics that are fascinating to go through about. A fantastic study paper have to be in a position to convince its viewers that there is an real want for the research paper. This suggests that the paper will have to serve some objective in the actual globe if not, there is no stage to the study. The paper should be able to plainly go over the authentic world application of the personalized research paper. Ask a fellow likely juror if they desire to get out of responsibility. If they do, set up a scene the place you fake to be ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/pals who are not able to stand just about every other. Begin yelling and arguing about something from your ‘past’.

You may well be forcefully taken off, but you will be eliminated nevertheless. Some book writers offer their ebooks with marketing articles and a sales page to draw in much more consumers. The only problem with PLR ebooks is that if you happen to be selling a confined quantity of each and every a single, your money is finite, but you can charge a significant selling price for every copy. If you have been offering people cars and trucks that are so modest the driver has to sit with his/her knees in opposition to their chin you would pressure the fuel financial system, zippy sporty trip, cornering and highway handling potential of the car or truck, inexpensive value and relieve of parking.

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The speediest way to verify the stock is most likely to use the individual college drop-down menu and then check out the specific stock. Barnes and Nobles may possibly not be the obvious selection to acquire textbooks but they are speedily becoming a well-liked in performing so.

I have finished a great deal of buying with them and have nothing at all but fantastic experiences to report. I’ve acquired a handful of textbooks via them and they provide in the nick of time which will make for a terrific shopping for encounter. If you have a Barnes and Nobles account with them, all the superior! Dependent on what form of textbook it is, you can get a particular share off Additionally get an excess 10% off for remaining a member! You can signal up on line as effectively!The picking of matter leads to a research frenzy when you accumulate all all those written types consisting your subject matter.

You cannot go over all the facet of your subject matter, No issue how genius you are. And for term papers you will need each and every probable angle for a subject, for tackling that problems we do this investigation. By accumulating all the attainable and even those people items which you consider are not wholly applicable could be extra to the pile.

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You will not be utilizing each and every solitary datum for your papers but you do consider them any way. The most significant component is wherever you study them all. Nell: At times! My young ones were terrific about observing the classics with me. I had an yearly MomFest, exactly where I would pick out previous films primarily based on their interests or pursuits and we would watch a person each and every working day. Almost eighteen decades afterwards to the day- I dropped her off at faculty.

Coincidentally, that took a very long weekend as properly. We started out on a Friday early morning with UCL (University College London) write essay on my garden Sign Language a cross place flight. She explained to me almost everything that was on her intellect and answered some of my questions about associations and material experimentation. We had the time and house to have a lengthy coronary heart to coronary heart conversation. I was not pained as I was at her beginning, by any part of this working experience.

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I considered I would be. I imagined that the initial time I learned that she experienced experimented with liquor that I would combust or vanish out of worry. But, I did not.

I imagined I would weep at the assumed of leaving her. Even so, my own years in recovery and operating the twelve Ways served me to see it for what it was and not to react out of proportion. I believe in her. Check out some evaluations:X-males Origins: Wolverine, Angels and Demons, Terminator Salvation, Night time at the Museum: Fight of the Smithsonian, Star Trek, Land of the Missing, The Hangover, The Taking of Pelham one two three, 12 months One particular, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Community Enemies. Where To Get Discounted Desk Lamps For Your Dorm Room DesksrnEveryone desires to appear cool in college or university and by no means desires to repeat just one outfits at minimum for a 7 days.

No wonder that most of the college or university learners can normally be discovered on a search out to purchase eye-catching faculty T-shirts at realistic costs. Vast majority of them wait around for sale or off period to buy university clothing at discounted fees without having figuring out that they can purchase them on line during the year!Write a proper outline. A good deal of students try out to skip this key phase wondering it will help save time.

It will not. An define is essential. It is a blueprint for your paper and, if finished appropriately and referred to usually, it will preserve you concentrated so you you should not wander off subject matter and squander time when you generate your paper. The interesting matter is that you test inventory so you know if you what you need to have or not. And mainly because online bookstores provide to numerous college college students all about the state, they have a a lot larger sized inventory of both new and applied accessible.

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We offer periods in accordance to your picked timing mainly because, for us, your relieve is above all the things. Our typical training situations start off from eight:00 am to twelve:00 am in accordance to US typical time.

Do you present looking through resources? Can I share notes with you?Every scholar should really question our tutors for the useful substance. You can also check with for the recording of your tutoring session. We give examining means, check workouts, flashcards and a lot of extra methods that would assistance you in your scientific studies.

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If you need to share notes and documents with the tutors, truly feel free of charge to share. “Swift Prof has usually aided me in my scientific tests. I especially contact them in advance of my tests and the tutors are generally there to increase a encouraging hand.

“”They essentially have Ph. D. skilled experts for every single issue. Their selling prices are so sensible that I can afford the periods without disturbing my finances.

“”The 24/7 dwell shopper assistance is pretty helpful. Even if I call them soon after midnight, they listen to my every query and resolve it in a specialist way. “For buyers to be totally glad, they require an knowledge of how matters get the job done.

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In order to provide the goal, we have made the next privateness policy. The privacy coverage serves as a medium to describe data pertaining to our processing to our consumers. The pursuing plan informs about data accumulating, why the facts is gathered, how it is made use of for and some websites for freelance writing content writer toronto WritersLabs other applicable policies relevant to your use of this web-site.

For consumers to be absolutely content, they require an comprehension of how matters function. In purchase to provide the objective, we have made the subsequent privacy coverage. The privacy policy serves as a medium to explain information and facts about our processing to our prospects. The adhering to coverage informs about knowledge accumulating, why the facts is gathered, how it is used for and some other related procedures applicable to your use of this web page.

Customers’ information is helpful in bettering the high quality of our services. It assists us in including new functions in our expert services. We talk to our customers to offer their name, contact variety, economical details, and e-mail ID etcetera.

The cookie aspect enables us to keep a track of clients’ navigational pursuits on our inteet websites. The cookie function also will help the website to bear in mind your login qualifications so that you don’t normally have to supply them. You can constantly disable this characteristic via your world-wide-web browser but we wa you that, as a outcome, some of the features may perhaps not operate correctly. We have made our website to cater the wants of college students of significant school and over stage. We do not entertain leaers of the decreased level and we absolutely do not approve their accounts. In case we ever occur across any these types of action or account, we shut it down promptly.

We also urge our shoppers to advise us about any these account. You do not have to stress about the knowledge that you present us. We by no means share it with any unauthorized personnel without your consent. For extra facts, get in touch with us.

We supply no cost flashcard means for numerous subjects. These flashcards enable you with some astounding online activities to assist enhance your language skills, or communication techniques and so forth. This flashcard assists in building distinctive routines. You can participate in on-line online games and examine quizzes to enhance your English. For those who desire to raise and test their IQ, this flashcard is the top source. By way of on line quizzes, it will assist you in solving conces. Those interested in leaing or increasing their French competencies, this flashcard is for you. You can request this source now to get started mastering the French language. Claim your cost-free credit rating by sharing your e-mail tackle now.

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Unlike other essay creating products and services, we take consumer support really severely. We’re below to get good care of you at all occasions. Our 24/seven buyer assistance staff is listed here day and night time to assistance you in any way we can.

We are constantly readily available to response your concerns and supply you with friendly, useful 1-on-just one provider. Your pleasure is generally our prime precedence!Essay Mama Allows You Save!We never want you to commit all of your money on essays. You’re a university student, and you want income to consume and to have a minimal exciting, also.

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That is why we present some of the greatest deals on skilled, tailor made-penned essays. Our selling prices are extremely sensible, and we offer a selection of low cost alternatives to assistance you help you save even additional on your purchase. Will not fail to remember – our essay writing assistance are backed by a satisfaction assure, so you have very little to reduce!Our Staff of Experienced Essay Writers Does It All.

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You can count on a great mom to aid you with just about anything. The similar goes for our company. Our composing agency contains all kinds of tutorial producing. We can help with essay producing , exploration paper, thesis paper, and any other creating assignments you could have.

No make any difference what the issue or level of trouble, our workforce has you covered!Get Paper Creating Assistance These days. It’s time to prevent stressing out about your essays. By delivering us the total particulars of the undertaking, we can right away assign a person of our professionals and have the contents delivered on or prior to the established deadline.

Essay Mama guarantees its clientele that we will stay up to their anticipations and standards. Assist is here. Unlike other crafting company providers charging high rates that do not even deliver quality and primary information, we are the sector changer.

Not only do we make authentic and quality writing, we also demand aggressive premiums like no other. All you have to do is talk to Mama for help! We will create essay for you so speedy just before you can try to eat your mother’s pancakes!Essaymama. com Delivers a Vast Assortment of Producing Expert services. In obtaining an essay writing expert, you can under no circumstances go mistaken in picking out Essay Mama for your training course work. With extensive practical experience and various background in creating different assignments, Essaymama.

com, known to be a trusted crafting company is basically the best alternative. Irrespective of whether you are seeking for authorities who can provide essay creating support or for dissertation writing, our crew of gifted and proficient writers who are specialists in their respective fields and subjects places can surely supply the content dependent on your criteria and other necessities. Essay Mama is household to a broad vary of producing products and services depending on your wants. No matter if it is for a coursework, for articles generation on the internet or for other use, we can certainly help you appear up with the finest content. Our business provides the adhering to expert services dependent on your requires:Essay Enable Study Paper Assist Dissertation Help Assignment Enable Editing Assistance. Visit Our Blog site for Pupils and Writers. In producing content, you would normally inquire the subsequent thoughts: “How do I generate my essay?”, “Wherever to start?”, “What applications can I use?”, “My essay is thanks tomorrow, what to do?”Instead of obtaining the assets that you need in other internet websites, our site presents almost everything that you need to have in just one particular web page.

Apart from supplying you superior-high-quality essay crafting assistance, our professionals also share their awareness and experience to equip material creators and fellow writers with the present-day applications that are now becoming used for content creating and analysis operate. Interested customers can conveniently get the needed info and aspects that they have to have from our site.

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向学生分配欺凌性文章就是这样一种教育,提高认识的措施 – 这些文章通常用于分享个人经历(以任何角色),通过承认其负面影响来分析/讨论与欺凌相关的方面,分析由所述各方表现出的某些行为背后的推动力,提出抵制或预防措施。



关于咆哮的论文具有与其他论文类型类似的结构 – 所有这些都包含以下关键结构元素/部分:

  • 介绍 – 这通常是读者所在’捕获注意力,突出主题重要性或引入所需的上下文。
  • 论文的声明 – 这通常是引言的最后一句,其中包含欺凌研究论文所支持的主要主张。
  • 主体 – 这部分通常讨论主要论点/提供支持这些的证据,或者只包含内容(在结构化段落中有一个支持论文的起始主题句,带有一些解释性或支持性的句子,可能包含文献证据,最终结论或过渡句子) 。
  • 结论 – 本节通常总结/综合您在主体段落中提到的主要观点/论点/证据。

事实上,欺凌性文章也可以是一篇论证性论文或有说服力的论文,因此这些论文特有的其他要求也可能适用。通常它可能是一个 解释性文章 这表明参与虐待的特定方的世界观和动机。

我们的网站有许多工具可以帮助您撰写各种论文 – 例如,试试我们的 论文声明生成器免费 根据主要结论,支持论点,反驳,提出了几个主要的论文表述。



  • 学生可以通过提及美国学校中这种现象的程度及其对受害者的影响来启动他们的论文/主题’在生活中,他们还可以介绍经验,同时提及他们在面对网络欺凌时的表现。
  • 接下来可以进行详细的分析和更多的证据,通常都有例子支持。例如,学生可以简短地提及统计数据 & 对受害者的长期有害心理影响,或侵略者所在家庭发生的可能性和问题。如果目的是分析学生’在事件中(作为旁观者)自己的行为,然后可以进行彻底的自我分析,辅以社会科学的证据,这将提供更深刻的心理理解。
  • 在关于欺凌的文章中应该得出一些结论,以突出重点。对于此类论文,通常会提出建议,建议在见证咆哮时采取行为规则(介入以阻止它,与他们交朋友,表示不赞成此类行为,报告事件),建议您在受害者时采取行动,建议与犯罪者合作(通常也有社会,家庭或心理问题的人,建议在学术环境中预防这种现象(从幼年开始教育学生,制造负面侵略者形象,运行社交媒体或反对传统或网络欺凌的在线活动)。







滥用是亲自发生的,也可以通过短信,社交媒体或其他在我们的技术社会中获得的在线手段(网络欺凌)发生。根据,9%的6 – 12年级学生中有9%遇到过这种情况,仅在去年一年就有15%的9到12年级学生经历过这种情况。说到少数民族,情况更糟,大约55%的LGBTQ学生都经历过这种情况。




在每个学校和几乎每个班级都有儿童是嘲笑的对象。有时候个别孩子甚至整个班级都会开欺凌。据统计,高达10%的儿童经常(每周一次或更多次),55%偶尔(不时)受到同学的某种形式的虐待。大约26%的母亲认为他们的孩子是这种暴力的受害者,这种暴力目前是一种危险的现象,在普遍接受的条件下具有极其不利的后果 “欺凌”。




今天的儿童欺凌行为不仅在美国普遍存在,而且在欧洲所有国家也普遍存在。大卫莱恩 & 安德鲁·米勒将欺凌定义为从一个或一个孩子群体到另一个孩子(其他孩子)的身体或精神上有意识的严厉态度的长期过程。嫉妒,复仇,敌意,正义恢复,权力斗争,屈服于领导者,对手中立,自我肯定等都可以成为咆哮的动力,达到虐待狂的需要。孩子们天生就很残酷。他们还没有建立抑制情绪的机制。对于青少年来说尤其如此。



可以说,学年将会过去,儿童的罪行将被遗忘,但心理学家已经证明,事实并非如此。学校暴力从字面上打破了受害者’的身份,其后果影响一个人’几十年的生活。在学校频繁或永久性咆哮的受害者,成为成年人,更经常抱怨自己的健康,患有神经紊乱,容易自杀。他们的职业活动不太成功,收入较低,失业风险较高。他们经常过着孤独的生活方式,没有家人或朋友。换一种说法, “孩子们的侮辱” 变成相当严重的成年人问题。了解这一点,家长应仔细监督我们的孩子不会成为受害者。



  1. 欺凌受害者的心理肖像 – 人们如何选择受害者。
  2. 侵略者欺凌的主要人员和社会动机
  3. 欺负学校的论文 – 什么特点与它有关。
  4. 教师在防止欺凌方面的作用?有出路吗。
  5. 在学校发生欺凌事件。为什么教师应该做好准备。
  6. 从群体心理学的角度分析欺凌观众 – 他们为什么这么做?
  7. 防止欺凌的方式按其效率分类。
  8. 欺凌的类型:戏弄,嘲弄,威胁,殴打,羞辱,散布谣言等。
  9. 如何防止欺凌作文 – 教育措施(在课程中整合学科),在线和离线活动。
  10. 网络欺凌 – 最常见的形式和抵制措施。

请记住,我们会帮助处理更多纸质主题或类型:研究论文,实验报告,创意论文等 关于美国梦,演讲,演讲,案例研究的论文, 学期论文,甚至回答您的要求 "做我的课程"。除此之外,我们还帮助其他许多写作项目阶段:创建详细的大纲,汇总用于论文的来源列表,撰写摘要或结论, 编辑研究论文,校对。


撰写反欺凌文章意味着涵盖所有典型的文章’正式部分,思考主题,查找可靠证据,连贯地列出你的论点等等。我们的专业 代笔作家 完全负责所有这些方面,并在要求的期限内制作精心编写的论文(根据他们在平台上的排名自己选择作者,甚至指导和检查他们的工作进展)。

即使我们的作者提供高质量的作品,我们的政策规定客户可以免费无限修改,直到满意执行质量。最后,在不太可能的情况下,所有这些修订都没有帮助,客户仍然可以要求退款 – 因此,在签订我们的服务时,你的风险很小,所以不要’不要犹豫与我们联系。

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